This domain has been registered in 22/10/2016.

At the time, it’s only purpose at the time was to redirect incoming connections to an on-site FTP server running in a Microsoft Virtual Machine.


The FTP server was powered by “Small HTTP Server” by
Max Feoktistov
. It hosted mainly an assorted set of tools for IT purposes that could be accessed from anywhere in the world.

1st of February the website was launched, using the same software by Max Feokistov, as an outward facing landpad for users to reach services hosted on the same server as a way of researching, developing and improving software and services.

Services provieded at this point were:
1) Shortwave radio hyperlink to Twente University shortwave stream, it also hosted several recordings on shortwave bands.
2) Filehosting: Files and tools such as manuals and open source or abandonware were hosted on the server for the first time.
3) An administrative panel for managing the website and looking at statistics.
4) Gamehosting: A public Counter-Strike 1.6 server was hosted for several years.
5) DNS Server: a public DNS server service was offered at the time for free, since not a lot of users use this, it improves websites accessing time noticeably as it resolves REALLY fast.

6) A list with unsecured IP cameras around Argentina. Taken from https://www.insecam.org/


On 18/09/2017 a third party tried to take over the domain name by issuing a claim (File Number EX-2017-19690579- -APN-DNRDI#SLYT ).

Apparently some kind of vulc shoes was trying to take over syndicate.com.ar so they could set up their own website and store for selling their shoes.

With no previous contact and no offers made, they apparently hired a lawyer and they sent several over 25 page documents within the claim detailing what their brand was about.

They had apparenly already produced a large amount of printed boxes with a huge “SYNDICATE” logo with some shield. And then some kind of art set with stupid teenager quotes that noone ever said.

Apparently, within the documents they sent something they shouldn’t. According to this document some third party lawyer group had contacted them, basicly egging them to start this claim:

Latest document on the claim literally DEMANDED that the registrar seized the domain me from me citing all the previous bullshit as “copyright claims”.

The claim was dismissed as I had registered the website 1 month BEFORE they had registered their braind, with this, they lost ALL rights to claim this website in the future.

I tried contacting them many times and they are apparenrly, not interested, in purchasing the domain.


After this attempted domain name coup an external hosting provider was hired because, at the time it was really cheap, had a website builder ( At the time the website was still a really old html thing, programmed in notepad and with a single style file) as I really needed a builder so I could host something professional I hired this service.

The email service was somewhat improved as I was currently using SMALL HTTP SERVER for email hosting which wasn’t perfect by any means.

As the time went on, this service was getting really pricey in a very unfair way.


Work on this project started sometime during mid – late 2018.
Using a third party software, this game was made in two weeks and exported to android. No on-screen android controls were provided though, since the latest versión still contains bugs the game hasn’t been launched on Google Play. This project is currently frozen.

On-site server deployment

An old Pentium IV with 2GB Ram, 180GB Sata was installed as a main on-site server, this provided a supporting infraestructure for the email and filehosting services just fine. Running Server 2012.

Advanced email service

During this time, extended research on email services was done, this provided the domain with extended email capatibities such as encryption, in-message encryption, etc. An on-site encrypted email service was hosted for developing further.


Sometime around mid 2019 a 24h-Diablo 2 server was requested, research and development of this service was undertaken in less than 72 hours.
Following a guide hosted on https://pvpgn.pro/d2gs_installation.html which had missing steps and wouldn’t work as advertised. This put the deployment of the server at risk.
Extended research was done, and a solution was found by us, this solution was shared to the entire community and is hosted on the main project github page:


The issue was resolved after sharing the solution, Harpywar, devmember of the project thanked us when closing the issue forever.

This server went strong for months, several donations were received, was hosted on the main on-site server. Backups were saved on another on-site computer and sent to NXNET.

End of contract with NXNET

Some point in late 2019 NXNET updated it’s prices in an insane display of crazyness, this doubled all prices and rendered the service I was paying for, unfairly expensive. When confronted with evidence, NXNET administration personnel told me I could cancel it anytime. This wasn’t a problem since we were focussing more and more in Diablo 2 Server developing tools for it and fixing several problems, monitoring databases, etc. The service was cancelled forever.

On-site virtualization server deployment

Using some used hardware a small virtualization server was deployed. Extensive Active directory and networking research was carried on during this time.


During early 2020 an entire hosting solution was deployed on a local virtual machine which rendered the previous email, website, filehosting and other outward facing services obsolete, an entire rework of services was implemented.

Extensive research on hosting, networking, operation and administration was carried over for Linux systems.

Somewhere around this time the plug was plugged on the older Pentium IV server in favor of the virtualization plataform.

Diablo 2 Server has remained offline because of low- pop and no donations in a dormant state.

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